Neofin Ventures cutting edge platform helps to create and implement branded advanced fintech solutions

The Neofin Platform

The Neofin platform enables fintech & BaaS providers:

  • Save time – Go live in weeks
  • Save money – no in-house development costs
  • Seamless integration of financial products
  • Fully secure and compliant

Our Technology

Native Apps

iOS & Android applications

Highly scalable architecture

Event driven architecture with both in-process and cross-process management

Modular Platform

Implemented in server-side Swift with actor-based concurrency

Comms facilitation

Realtime Websocket – push notifications /SMS/email/WhatsApp

Assured Security

Black-boxed File Data Encryption module for sensitive data protection

BaaS agnostic

BaaS /BaaP agnostic core data model with prebuilt modules

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